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Export clears worksheet wo box checked


When I am using the export function in automation my worksheet is cleared without the check box being checked. I am starting in row 3 and have existing information in rows 1 and 2 I would like to retain. Do I have something configured incorrectly?


That should not occur. Are you exporting to a Named worksheet at a specific cell location? See the attached screenshot. After you check this if this still does not resolve send me your export.txp template.



Yes, I am exporting to a named worksheet and toa specific cell. Attached is my files.
PENDDET.txp (8.83 KB)


Yes, I am exporting to a named worksheet and toa specific cell. Attached is my files.
PENDCUR.txp (8.4 KB)


It seems there is a bug. When you use an automation variable in the filename it seems to always create a new file. Try exporting to the same name. Then use a Copy file activity to copy the file and change the name to include the automation variable (#CDTE#).

I entered CR83,078 to fix but the work around will handle it for now.



Alright, to add to that I am also trying to have 3 variables on that file name. I would like to have last weeks Sunday, last weeks Saturday and the current date in the yyyymmdd format. I have been able to look through the blogs and get the current date by using the Format(Date(‘yyyyMMdd’),“yyyymmdd”) formula. I know you have said the variables use the VB formats, but I cannot seem to get the others to actually get these dates. I can do it in oracle. any suggestions?


Yes, the VB functions are rather limiting when it comes to dates. I like to bounce my dates off of dual to set the variables. This way I can get the exact date format I want.