Export Data Error exporting to a pipe delimited file

I have a user who when exporting to a pipe delimited file for complex queries gets the error:
Error during export of SQL query.
The process cannot access the file 'C:\users\lanid\appdata\roaming\quest software\toad data point 5.2.... (See the attached screenshot for the full error)
TOAD DP error

She has coworkers that have no issue. All are running the same version as well as Office 365 64bit.
She tried fixing it herself using this but it didn't work.

Close Toad • Go to this path on your machine: o C:\Users\SABUDE\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\ replace SABUDE with your lanid • Rename this folder to a backup name 'Toad Data Point 5.2' • Open Toad this will create a new folder • Close Toad o Go back to this path: C:\Users\SABUDE\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\ o Go to the backed up folder and copy this file to the new folder that was just created 'Connections.xml' • You can get back in to Toad and your Connections will be there When creating Pip Delimited files, have them created in this path, there is a bug in Toad C:\Users\SABUDE\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Point 5.2

Could someone advise what might be a fix please?

The error message strongly implies that some other application has this file opened currently (different from TDP, such as NotePad, or editor, or even another instance of TDP on the workstation) and therefore locked.

Check to make sure that there's no other app or user touching the file.
Also, check that the user has permissions to access the directory location of the file.

The user has full access to the location. And I just checked the directory and there's actually only 1 .txt file present called ToadTextFile_2024-04-03T12_17_18.txt