Execute SP then export from grid fails

I'm using Toad Data Point - Version:
I highlight the SP and then click the lighting bolt to execute the SP and new edit tab opens where I'm able to enter the parameters. The SP returns data to the grid but when I attempt to export the results to a text file with or without delimiters the export fails and no file is created. Here's what I see in the log file.

3:56:59 PM Thread (75) Export Wizard error processing objects, export halted.
3:56:59 PM Thread (75) Error parsing Export template: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

I need to use delimiters so I need the export feature to work. Please advise.

I'm not able to duplicate this, not in 4.3, and not in 5.1, the latest version of TDP. Check out the screen snap below for my simple example... created a quick delimited file from the data output grid.

Here's what I see when I attempt to export to the clipboard or to a file which I've done many times before from a package or straight SQL, but it fails when executing a SP