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Export data from Postgres to Oracle takes too long


I want to move an Oracle table to another one in Postgres using a template.
I'm using Import template and it works but, template insert rows one by one.
I think i loose performance because of using ODBC driver
When i'doing the same from Oracle to Oracle (native client) it's so much faster !

Is there any way to fast copy oracle table to PostgreSql table ?

Couple things I can think of... there may be other alternatives that readers can contribute...

Might be faster to export Oracle to a file (flat file like CSV or Excel, or ...) and then use Postgres utilities to import into a Postgres table.

If you have Toad DataPoint Pro, that product has an Import/Export wizard that can accomplish cross-platform data migration for many data sources., including Oracle to Postgres.

Hi Gary,
It's exactly what i have tried to do. The export wizard works fine when i duplicate parts of tables or full ones to others on Oracle servers with native client.but, when i export from Oracle to postgres with wizard using odbc drivers, it's very slow on big datasets (33 mn for 100 000 rows measured).
We have 20millions of rows to export from one table.
Export to csv, our current process, is slow too.
That's why i try to find a workaround...

Which version are you on?

I'm using TDP

Sorry for latence, few days away from work !


Thanks, we're discussing it with dev...