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My IT installed the most recent TOAD 12.8 Freeware 64 bit. I had problems as 64 bit exporting data to 2013 MS Excel and Access. This new 12.8 version was reinstalled as 32 bit (on a 64 bit computer) so that it would interface with Microsoft Office 2013 correctly. I can export data to Excel that is not too large (<65000) and any larger have to be txt now. I cannot export at all to MS ACCESS Database as I had done in the past because that is not an option available in the export data dropdown. I used this choice MS ACCESS for large files because there was no data shifts as could occur in delimited txt. Why is MS ACCESS no longer available as an export data choice and how can I fix this?

The row limit per sheet for XLS files is around 65,000. If you save to a file with a .XLSX extension instead, you’ll be able to send up to 1 million rows per sheet to Excel.

As for Access - that and a few other formats are not included in freeware. It’s been that way for quite a while. Maybe you had a trial version before that? A trial version would have been full-featured, just for a limited time.

I was informed that the problem is because a freeware version was installed and not the complete version. The MS ACCESS option is not included in freeware.