Export Dataset : Automation manager dynamically picking a file

I am new to Toad and have a question related to ‘Automation Designer’ picking up a file dynamically. Below is the problem description.

I have a SELECT query which is placed in a file, “Account.sql”. The requirement is to ‘Schedule’ an ‘Export Dataset’ of this SQL query to a CSV file. By using ‘Automation Designer’, I created a new ‘App’ to perform this task successfully. Below are the steps.

a. Create a new App.
b. Under the ‘Import/Export’ tab, choose the action, ‘Export Dataset’.
c. Right-click the action ‘Export Dataset’ choose Properties and manually copy the SQL query in ‘Dataset’ tab.
d. Schedule/Run the App and it works fine.

However, the challenge here I have is, copying the SQL query manually(Step-c above) whenever it changes(it changes often). So, is there a way of making Toad to dynamically pick the ‘Account.sql’ file from a specified location whenever it is scheduled to run?


Could this helps you somehow:


Someone else was asking how to do the same thing recently.

Here is how you can work around it:


thank you very much for answering my question. Due to some reasons, I have paused working on that issue. Once I check the solution, I will get back to you on it.


After this request and another like it came in, I added the ability to specify a file to get the SQL from. It is in the current beta, which you can get here: https://community.toadworld.com/products/toad-for-oracle/toad_for_oracle_beta_program/

Hi John,
I installed the new beta version and tried the solution your suggested, It works perfectly fine for the requirement I had mentioned earlier.

Thanks a lot for your sense of urgency and implementing this feature though only two people have asked for it. I appreciate your quick response.