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Export Dataset Data Substituion Specific to Table

Would it be possible to set a data substituion value so that it only applies to a specific table when creating an insert script?

Oh yeah, I see how that could get confusing. OK, next beta, field substitutions will be cleared if you export a different table than when the field subs were set up.

Would it be possible to make certain fields apply to all tables?

that’s kinda what it did before your request - for example, if you set up a substitution on SCOTT.DEPT, in the DEPTNO column, then exported, then switched over to SCOTT.EMP, which also has a DEPTNO column, the setting would be there for that table too.

If you are going to be doing repeated exports of the same tables, I’d suggest you set them up in the automation designer. Then you can just kick them off whenever you need to and they’ll keep whatever settings you gave them.