Schema Browser - Exporting Datasets

When exporting datasets you can either click into open the full page with options for exporting to various formats, or you can select the adjacent drop down to create insert statements. In the main screen with the full functionality, you have the option to set data substitutions but there is no option to select which columns to include. When you select the drop down/shortcut to create insert statements, you get the option to select the columns but no option to set data substitutions….so neither functionality provides all options. It would also be helpful to synchronize the option to include the schema name in the two screens.

Actually, there is. Check the unwanted columns here:

Also, both windows do provide an “include schema” option. It’s near the bottom of the “export all rows” window.

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Got it, thanks John. Is it possible to include the data substitution option in the create insert statements window?

Hi Christine,

Before I answer that, let me ask you - why do you want to use the that window at all instead of "Export Dataset"? Both windows do the same thing. I'd really like to just get rid of the "Create insert for all rows" window, as opposed to adding more features to it.

Is it just the convenience of not having to change the "Export Dataset" dialog to "Insert" statements?

What if the "Create Insert Statements for all rows" just brought up Export Dataset, preconfigured to create insert statements? Would that be just as good?


Hi John,

If you do decide to get rid of the "Create Insert..." shortcut it's definitely not a big deal for me personally. I find it useful simply because I am normally doing one of two things... exporting to xls or creating insert statements, so having the separate shortcut to create the inserts is a nice to have (while leaving the other as exporting to xls). If it does remain, it would be nice if it included the data substitution option.


I've logged it in our bug/enhancement tracking system. I'll add it for version 17.1


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That great. Thanks so much, John.