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Export error HY001 (Access database file)

When I export data, an error occurs. Please help. Thanks.

ERROR [HY001] [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Cannot open any more tables. Export is cancelled.

Toad for SQL Server

SQL 2000

Access 2010x64

Hi vane,

Have you try to use v6.8 to reproduce again?


The issue still happens in v.6.8.

Hi vane,

we have try v6.8, but export format can not find access format. and export excel files was fine.

Could you provide details steps to help us reproduce your issue?


Hi, please see the image below.

Hi vane,

just want to confrim some question with you.

  1. which steps or dialog did you get the export error? or when you start to export it?

  2. Did you get this error in specific table ? or any talbe ?

  3. Could you confirm ODBC version in Export object s list dialog? AccessDatabase2007?

  4. Have you try export data to new accdb file? not use exist accdb file, maybe that will have limit in accdb.

  5. In your No.3 picture, why does export format was .mdb? it should be .accdb file by default.


Hi Michael,

  1. After clicking Finish button, Toad starts to export and then the error message appears.

  2. Non-specific tables. However, I found the issue occurs only with SQL 2000. I have tried to export data in SQL 2012, there is no errors.

  3. Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb, .accdb) v14.00.7159.5000 (from C:\Windows\System32\odbcad32.exe)
    Microsoft Access Driver (
    .mdb) v6.01.7601.17632 (from C:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe)

  4. No. I don’t know how to export in accdb type. Where can I change the setting of file type when exporting?

  5. I don’t know the reason either. In my Access Option, the default file type of blank database is Access 2007.

Hi vane,

pls see my picture blew:

There is only mdb type in my dropdown menu of Save as type. [^o)]

By the way, there are some characters of dialog windows are invisible because the system font size is set to 125%. Can this be improved in the next version?