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Export grid to csv problem (and one feature request)


Toad x64

Oracle client x64

Oracle db x64

Windows 7 x64 (CP1250)

When exporting small grid to delimited text (comma based INTEGER based field) with option like on picture. I get result like in red rounded corner (no comma as separator!):


when I assign export settings to activate (Include delimiter after last column), comma is shown (as expected):


Do not know if NLS is important to reproduce this case but think it is not.

Second, I was not able to get csv values exported to a single line I.e. 3933,3934,3943,3946,3947,3950,3960,3970,3973,

I know this may not have too much sense for multi column export, but let user decide that-leave as an option single line export.
In mine case I have comma2table function which know how to read such an data (csv string) and then this would help a lot.