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Export options?

Does anyone know if you can export all the options you have set? I have exported my data connections, but wanted the settings or options exported. I have changed a lot of settings in TOAD and did not want to lose them during an upgrade or re-install. I can’t seem to figure it out; I dont think it’s possible but wanted to make sure.

I am using version

thanks for the help!



All of my settings, including my cataloged databases, were migrated over. Read the Installation PDF. There is a section the explains the upgrade process. Also your previous version of Toad will still be available.


Eric Sheridan

EDIT: I did not have to export anything. Not even the userID passwords. Also your previous version of Toad will still be available should you run into any issues.


You can also do it this way. From within Toad, go to Help+About. Click on the Application Data Directory link:


You can then make a copy of the settings.xml file:


Ed is correct that Toad will offer to migrate these settings over for you when you upgrade but the above can be used to make a backup copy – just in case :slight_smile:

Great Thanks for both of these options Eric and Steve. I have noticed I had had issues with the migration of settings within TOAD in the past. I am sure most of these have been fixed in recent releases.