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Export results to a database


I am a newbie in Data Point (I have just downloaded the trial version) but I am using Toad for Oracle already several years.

My question is: can I export result from a query in Data Point to a data base table? It is possible for Oracle or can I also use the Local Storage?

Currently I am using Business Objects Data Services (BODS) for Extract, Tranform and Load (ETL) activities, but I am looking for other tools to use. In BODS you can easily export to a database without having the pain of creating the tables manually, it just creates them automatically.



Toad can create tables automatically with the import wizzard directly from one database to another but you may not get the field types that you want. i.e. if you have numerical customer numbers but it is a varchar field the wizzard will use an integer field type. It scans the first 500 or so records and makes its best guess. You can modify the field types in the wizzard manaully before you let it run (which I would recomend). Be sure your active connection is where you want to put the data before you launch the wizzard. Then change the source connection inside the wizzard to where you want to pull the data from.

  • Greg

You can right click on any result grid and Send To Local Storage or to Export Wizard that has a save as table option. If you wnat that data to be saved in a table in another database (or any type) use the import option that Greg mentions in the last post.