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Export Table Creation DDL with Column Descriptions

I’m using the Export->DDL tool to create a generation script for a group of tables.

The generated script contains the table creation, indices, pks etc etc, but I can’t seem to get the generator to include the column descriptions into the script.

How do I include the table and column descriptions?


Sounds like an omission on our part. What database type are you connected to?

MS SQL Server 2012.

Excuse my omission.

I went to open an issue on this and I realized I am not sure exactly where you are in the product. I can think of three places that generate DDL. None of them include comments.

  1. The Script tab on the View Details window.

  2. The Generate SQL | Create Script

  3. Export Wizard using SQL Script with DDL

Which one did you mean?

This issue was found in choice #3. Export Wizard using SQL Script with DDL

Attach a copy of your SQL script.

You mean the Export->DLL-> Output?

Example_Table_Export_No_Description_Feb17, 2015 12_51_34.sql (17.5 KB)

In case you are wondering this is Toad for SQL Server, Version

Now that I look back at this thread I wonder why I was asked how did I generate the output.

The first line of my first posting was ‘I’m using the Export->DDL tool’. So why did Debbie ask this question?


I ask because I don’t recognize Export | DDL. I think you are talking about the menu action below. That feature doesn’t exist in Toad Data Point, only Toad for SQL Server. I can forward thist post to that team but it really should be on their forum as they will need to fix it.


Can I get an update on this issue/problem?

Did you forward the problem to Toad for SQL Server group? Did they have a response?

Are you telling me since I posted this to the wrong board/group - isn’t it all Toad ? - that I have to file it again to get a response?


I will ask someone from that team to pick up these thread.

Hi Tony,

You can select "Script exetended properties" in export DDL options to include ms_descriptions for table and columns. See attached screenshot.



Thanks Vincent.

That works and solves my issue.