Export to text file fails with "Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Export is cancelled"

I'm on TDP Something is not working right; table has 3MM records, ten columns or so. If I do an export like:

Select * from foo;

I get this error (and same when trying to export the table directly not from a select). When trying to limit the records via a rownum constraint the first one below works the second fails. There is no difference between the data / content of the records 4096 and 4097.

select * from foo where rownum<4097; (so up to record 4096 -- EXPORT SUCCEEDS)
select * from foo where rownum<4098; (so up to record 4097 -- EXPORT FAILS)

EDIT: just want to point out that 4096=2^12 - that can't be a coincidence. Feels like some kind of binary overflow?

Look at the TDP Knowledge Base article here:

It outlines that this issue could be caused by an inaccessible serialization folder location.
If this doesn't get you past the error, let's get this to Quest Support.

Thx for the fast reply Gary. I'm with a corporate customer, but I have no idea how to invoke my support contract to access this "premium" content. Not sure why it's "paywalled" like that since it seems like basic support content. Anyway, you gave me just enough clues/snippets above to fix the problem. I just made a new "SerializationTemp" folder in the Roaming AppData folder in

C:\Users{myuser}\AppData\Roaming\Quest Software\Toad Data Point 5.7

And then pointed that setting (which was priorly-blank) to that location.

Glad that the suggestion fixed the issue, Hans.

Don't need anything special to access the Knowledge Bases. All that's needed is a sign-on to the Quest Support site. However, you'll need to have the License Number (think asset number, not license key) in order to create your Support sign-on. Someone in your organization has that asset information you need to get started.