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Export user with xml data in table


I have executed a user and included all tables etc. I have some tables fail to export because of xml data in the table. How do I overcome this? I have version 12.7 installed


Steve Williams

I have executed a user

That’s a little harsh, don’t you think? What did he do?

Just kidding.

You need to query the XML data as a CLOB using GetClobVal() and then it should work fine. For example:

t.column1, t.column2,
FROM my_table t;

An alias is required for GetClobVal to work.

This is the export message for the table:

EXP-00107: Feature (BINARY XML) of column XMLSTREAM in table SAUTO_17_1.IX_SPC_PLANOGRAM is not supported. The table will not be exported.

Does your solution still apply? Can a configuration setting in the export wizard handle this?


Oh, that kind of export. I thought you meant “export table data”.

Hm, no, I don’t think so…but give datapump a try. I wouldn’t be surprised if it works in datapump.

I logged in as the user/schema, ran the export dump wizard, that worked without complaining. Thanks for the suggestion