Exported Image Appears to Ignore Diagram Settings

I want to create an A0-sized (ANSI E) data model for business students in our Venture College using TDM The student I worked with believes that the professional diagram would help him to explain his business idea to investors.

I’ve tried File->Export->Export to Image. The image, when enlarged, produces a diagram whose entity outline lines, and relationship lines are pale grey, and only visible from very close up.

I’ve set the pen width for the diagram to a larger value (from 1 to 5). Changing the setting affects the appearance of the diagram on screen, and in the Print Preview window. Changing this setting does not appear to affect the appearance of the image, whether in JPEG, PNG, or BMP formats.

Is there a way, either to:

  1. suggest a path to success, or

  2. have the TDM development team enhance the Export routine to take note of the pen setting?

Mike Lynott

Hi Mike,

I would really recommend you to print the model to PDF instead. You can pick the A0 size paper and fit the model on the page and most importantly, the printed model won't suffer any quality loss when zooming in (it is a vector image as opposed to bitmap image created during Export to Image). And if you want to print it to paper, you can do that easily.

Take a look at this help article: