Printing Issues

I am using a trial version of TDM 3.1.5. I opened a model I had created with 3.0. I tried to print a workspace containing a small subset of the model (just one page). I noticed that the printing was very slow and by looking at my printing consol there was a huge job sent to the printer about 40MB just for one page containing a few entities.

I had also tried to create a pdf document by using a PDF printing driver and I noticed that the PDF files are huge and it is impractical to view them with an adobe reader as it takes a lot of time to render the content and browse the pages (e.g for a 3 page model).

Are these known printint issues for the 3.1.5 release?

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Hello Dimitris,

Please try to disable some graphical effects in Workspace, e.g. Gradient Effect, Graphical Display of Keys etc. This should help.

Dimitris, if you compare the size of file sent to printer in previous version and this version, is there a significant difference?

Please let me know the result. Thanks.



Hello Vladka,

Yes there was a significant difference between this and the 3.0 version in printing size. I did not keep an exact record as the printing delay was not noticeable before.

However, your suggestions are very good and can help avoiding the problem in particular by disabling the Gradient Effects. The following are some indicative sizes of pdf files created for a 3 page model.

GE = Gradient Effects
GK = Graphical Rep of Keys

NO_GE YES_GK : 1,685 KB
YES_GE NO_GK : 14,312 KB

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Thanks very much for your reply.

I’ve added this tip to section Best Practices to be found more easily for other users.

Thanks again.