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Exporting results into Insert statements


I was trying to query the results joining couple of tables. I wanted to save the results that appear in the lower browser under Grid1 as the insert statements.

Please guide how I can do it in TOAD.


First, run your query with F9. It sounds like you ran it with F5.

Then right-click in the grid. If you have Toad 10 or newer, choose “Export
Dataset”. It was called “Save As” in older versions.


My Toad version is 9.6. I tried with F9 too and tried Save as option.

In the dataset tab, I see the same select query which I used. I donot want the select query, I want the insert statement.

Please suggest.


Try doing a right-click on the grid, not the editor. Then select “Export
As” and select “Insert Statements” from the combo box at the
top of the dialog box. . .


Thanks, it worked :slight_smile: