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Exporting TIMESTAMP fields to Excel

I'm using Toad 13.3
How can I configure Toad so that data grids containing TIMESTAMP fields are exported to Excel as a date (or in fact as a number) and not as a "General" text field?

Excel doesn't have a timestamp format, so we send those values as string.
If you want them to appear as date in excel, you should cast to date in your SQL.

Hi John,
Thanks for the trick: it works!
But what do you mean by "Excel doesn't have a timestamp format"?
See attached screenshot - for me this is a valid Excel timestamp (i.e. not a string value).


That's date, not timestamp. There is no fractional second information, nor time zone information.

Ok. Indeed not a full timestamp. Would be nice anyway to be able to export an Oracle timestamp to a custom date/time value in Excel. Will add the request to the Idea Pond.