Exporting to delimited text without headers leaves an empty line at the beginning of the file

Hello all,

I have a custom data importer for a data warehouse that accepts text files whose lines are formatted as lists (just like those in csv’s, but with a different separator). The importer accepts such files only when there are no blank lines.

Now I’m having a problem with the export wizard: whenever I export some query results to delimited text and I choose not to include the column headers, I always find out that the resulting file has an empty line at the beginning.

Since opening the file with a text editor just to delete the first line isn’t always possible because of the file size, I wanted to ask you whether there’s any way to workaround this problem.

Please note: the version of Toad for SQL Server I’m using is, but I remember that version 5.6 didn’t use to cause this issue.

Thank you very much in advance.


Sorry for the inconvenience.

Actually this is a bug and no workaround available for this issue. We’ve created CR#110087 already to correct it.

regards, Julia

Thank you very much for your quick answer and help, Julia.