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Export as delimited text out of TDA 3.6.1 trims spaces



we export data from Toad Data Point 3.6.1 as delimited text and need for empty columns spaces (for post-processing an different systems).

A very simple example for showing the issue:

when we’re exporting the result of that SQL:

select ’ ’ from dual
union all
select ’ a b ’ from dual

… then we’re getting a result like:


As you may see we do not use trim in the select but it automatically trims spaces.

When we take the SQL from Toad Data Point into Toad for Oracle everything works fine.

Any ideas why this happens?

Couldn’t find an option in TDA 3.6.1

Thank you!


To DZado:

Thank you for posting in Toad World! I wasn’t able to reproduce your issue exactly, but I did get a result set like:


What I found also notable is that in using your example, if the “select ’ ’ from dual” do not have the same amount of characters as the union, then the issue does not occur.

Is there any other quirky behavior that may be produced from slight variations of SQL? It may be a pattern that the team can decipher. In the meantime, I will consult my team mates to see if we can reproduce it.

Software Developer I,
-Joshua Liong


Hallo Joshua,

thank you!

We just created a simple example in TDA 3.6.1 as a Delimited Export:

select ’ a b ’ from dual

Attached you find an screenshot (might help?).

When we run this task and TDA exports the result the spaces are trimmed to one space (while saving it as Delimited Text).

This is what we can’t explain.

Anything would be helpful. Thank you again!


To DZado:

Thank you for your patience in this matter. The symptoms appear throughout TDP, including Automation. This is a bug that will be denoted as “QAT-5362”


  1. In Automation, add the “Execute Script” Activity.
  2. Select the “Execute Script” activity
  3. Reconstruct your SQL so that the values you require are inserted into a temporary table.
  4. Add an “Export Wizard” Activity
  5. Select the “Export Wizard” Activity and click on the icon to start the “Data Export Wizard”
  6. Configure the wizard to export the temporary table.
  7. Run the automation script.

The script may look something like this:

Let us know if this workaround works out for you. We apologize for the inconvenience,

Software Developer I,
-Joshia Liong


Hallo Joshua,

Thank you for your answer and the workaround!

We’ll use the workaround for TDA 3.6.1

Thanky you!