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Exporting datasets to text files

Currently having 2 issues when it comes to exporting my datasets and being able to get the desired output in my text files: (I need to be able to use automation for each of these issues)

  1. I’m trying to export a dataset that uses fixed field spacing into a text file in the automation designer. When I do this Toad adds an extra space between the fields in the text file’s output. I know the issue of getting the space removed can be solved by choosing export table as flat file and then setting the space between fields option to 0. The problem is, from what I have seen, that this option is only available when you choose export to flat file and exporting as a flat file doesn’t look like it is available for automation. Is there a way to automate the flat file export so I can remove the extra space, or is there possibly another solution that will export my dataset the same way as the flat file export?

  2. My second issue involves exporting the same dataset as a delimited text file. In my dataset there are some fields that are empty for some rows. I have all of my string and number columns being double quoted. Is there a way to get empty fields to be double quoted in the output? (Current output: “x”,“y” Desired output: “x”,"",“y”)

Thanks in advance

There’s no way to do either of these, but I’ll put them on my to-do list.

Thanks for the quick response

OK, check the next beta (not including today’s)

Since we are most likely going to be purchasing a few licenses for TOAD very soon, I was curious about when these changes would possibly be implemented into an official software release if they haven’t already?

The first item is done and in the current beta. I seem to have missed the 2nd one. I’ll take a look at that one tomorrow.

The release date for 12.9 is not until June and subject to change. But if you buy a license, I believe it comes with a year of support and upgrades (I’m a dev, not a sales guy so don’t hold me to that).

Once you buy a license for 12.8, you’ll be able to download and start using the 12.9 beta immediately.

Thank you again for the response.

I remembered after responding that I did put both requests in the beta. They are both there now.