Extended Properties tab within Entity/Attribute Properties dialog in TOAD DM


I’ve been searching for documentation describing the use of the ‘Extended Properties’ tab within both the ‘Entity’ and ‘Attribute’ dialog boxes, and this is all I see in numerous locations within the Help files and Google searches. All that is discussed here sounds like the capability to load Extended Properties into TOAD DM that have already been added to tables and/or columns from within MS SQL Server during the Reverse Engineering process.

Extended Properties

Extended Properties are supported for the following objects (generally where comments are supported):

  1. Objects with new tab Extended Properties.
  2. Objects for which Extended Properties are loaded during reverse engineering as a text as for example After Script, function parameters, procedure parameters, view columns, key/index/foreign key for Filetable.
    I also see the capability to add Extended Properties within TOAD, but I don’t see much documentation about how these newly added Properties would be used once added. Are Extended Properties used/added essentially to store data model object metadata? In the Entity Properties window, TOAD DM already offers separate space to add Descriptions/Schemas, and in the Attribute Properties window, TOAD DM offers space to add Descriptions, Data Types, Domains, Default Values, Default Rules, and Key (PK/FK/AK) designations. So, are Extended Properties used to capture metadata information beyond the standard bits offered already by TOAD? I just want to make sure that I understand what Extended Properties in TOAD DM are and how they are used.

Thank you!

Hi Patrick,

Basic information about Extended Properties can be found here:

As you can see, the extended properties are stored in physically existing databases. Toad Data Modeler allows you to load them via reverse engineering as well as define them in a model.

If you want to generate SQL code for extended properties, make sure schema/user is be assigned to your tables:

By default, all table descriptions are generated as extended properties. In addition to the descriptions, it is possible to define custom extended properties. (Press F2 to edit a field in grid).

SQL Preview: