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Extra keystroke when adding a favorite code snippet


I’ve noticed that if you want to insert a code snippet from your favorites directory you have to:

  1. Hit the shortcut key for favorites (Ctrl-/ in my case)

  2. Hit Tab to “go into” the Favorites directory

  3. Type the shortcut for the snippet I want to insert

  4. Hit return to insert the snippet

I’ve always wondered why #2 is necessary? I’m already specifically requesting my Favorites directory with the keyboard shortcut (it’s even called “InvokeFavoritesDirectory”!) and I find it odd that I still have to hit an additional Tab.

It’s a nice Toad touch to have a distinction between the Snippets folder and the Favorites directory, but I’d rather not have to suffer an extra keystroke for the benefit. Other editors don’t have the distinction but it’s faster to insert snippets with them.

  • KJ


Hi aoeusnth.

Thanks for your advice.

We will consider your suggestion and give convenience to customer .