Extract Materialized View DDL Error

Using 6.2 extracting materialized view DDL…throws

Invalid variant type conversion

Maybe because our views are snapshots over DB link?

All we get is a blank DDL extract

Hi Patrick,

The error is raised by converting oracle date to string using a format that SQL Nav fails to handle. I will raise a CR to fix this.

At the moment, the work around is: go to Preferences, in General->User Interface page, find out the item Date Display Format. If what you selected is the format of (DD.MM.RRRR), it may cause conversion error. Please change it to another format. I hope this helps.


Hi Patrick, I’m glad to let you know that this has already been fixed in our internal 6.3 build. You can check it when we send next beta release out. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the speedy response.