Extract 'metadata' from SQL and TDP reports using TDP

As we are venturing on a project in which we have to analyze and transform a 20 year backlog of reports and queries we are trying to create a datadictionary and find a way to analyze a large collection of sql queries (in bulk if possible).

I have found several Toad Datapoint features that are promising (like “Explain Plan”, “profile”, “view”) but I was wondering if Datapoint has a feature that can extract from an SQL statement:
-Tables/view used as source
-list of source fields used for columns (select), joins, filters(where clause), orderby and group by etc.
-show column alias, and corresponding source field and/or calculation is applicable

If this is not a specific feature in Datapoint is there another program in the Toad family that can help with this (I hoped use the automation feature to help to loop through a large amount of SQL statements to be analyzed)

Unfortunately we do not have this type of support and I don’t know of any other product that does. We have had a similar request once before.