Switching from Toad for Mysql to Data point


I am currently using the older free version of Toad for MySQL but apparently it is no longer supported so I am considering switching to Toad Data Point. Can someone please list how they are different? or maybe point me to a document where I can read about it?

I would like to understand it before buying a license.


Depending on your persona, and what you are doing with MySQL, Toad Data Point might well be a consideration for you. Here's a link that provides more detail, including a link to download a trial of the product:

but in general, Toad DataPoint was created for data analyst personas who need to access data from multiple platforms, allowing for easy mining or provisioning of data.

Hi Gary, thanks for your response. I guess my question is more to the point that both products look very similar (I've looked at the free trial version) so I am not sure if switching makes sense. I'm trying to understand if Data Point has any additional improvements over the older MySQL version