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Fail to find oracle client


Fail to find oracle client


The environment variables are okay. I tried different ways to tell TOAD where my oracle is. I tried to add environment variable ORACLE_HOME, also add oracle directory in the PATH, etc. But looks like TOAD is checking with the ORACLE_HOME registry. With oracle 10g client installed, it sets the registry key as ORACLE10G_HOME rather than ORACLE_HOME. Don’t know why oracle changes that. I do see the ORACLE_HOME within the tree of ORACLE10G_HOME, but I’m not quite sure what info TOAD is looking for. Seems it gets all the info in the ‘connect using’…, but it still says ‘Home is not valid!’… quite frustrating. People at work tried to get me to install oracle 817 client, but I want to struggle a bit to get 10g client to work.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.