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Toad For Oracle Finds Oracle Home but Not TOAD Data Point


can’t seem to get my Oracle Instant Client - 64 bit to be found by TOAD Data Point 3.7. It’s found by Toad For Oracle 12.7 just fine. It just shows up in the list in the pic below, but still when I try to connect it displays the message below.

It complains of the environment settings: Can not load Oracle client. Check your PATH environment variable and registry settings.

but I have them set correctly as Toad for Oracle 12.7 finds the Oracle Home just fine.

I feel there could be a bug?


Toad for Oracle and Toad Data Point connect completely differently to Oracle.

It looks like you have several Oracle homes with the same name. I’d suggest to remove these duplicates.




I just tried a direct connect after playing around with the path for a while. It connected but it looks TOAD Data Point only goes back as far as Oracle DB 9.1. Believe it or not, this database is 8.7. It’s not really working of course. Is there a version of TOAD data point that I could get that still goes back as far as Oracle DB 8.7?


Sorry, we never did support Oracle 8.7