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Feature Request for Text Diff Viewer

Hi all,

I find it not really useful that the Text Diff Viewer only works with files.
Wouldn’t it be nice if I could make “adhoc” difference analysis
there? Sometimes I have long queries in a script which all seem similar and I
want to see the difference between them. If I could paste text into Text Diff
Viewer, I would just copy and paste both queries into the right and left hand
side editors, and that’s it.

Another thing: is there a way to synchronize scrolling in the both editors in
Text Diff Viewer? Actually, I need this feature in many other places as well:
especially in Data Diff Viewer and vertically cloned editors…

I am currently using



Hi Ercan,

These are good suggestions to be implemented. And I do remember we have discussed the same things internally. Hope we will get to them in this release.