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Schema Compare problems

Hopefully someone has more sense than me!!!


I am using Schema Compare and when I get the Compare Tab displayed I see all the
differing objects but I am not able to see the specific differences.

In previous versions of TOAD if I clicked on one of the differing objects, a
window at the bottom of the screen showed the scripts of the objects to identify
the differences. This window is no longer visible.

Can someone point me to a system setup that I am missing so I can see the
differences, or is this something removed from this version.


Jon L.

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Hello Jon,

You need select ‘Scripts’ tab at the bottom of the screen. I think, you have‘Properties’ tab selected now.

If you need view both – ‘Scripts’ and ‘Properties’, try latest beta of Toad SS5.6

I hope this help,

Vasiliy, thanks for that but, I do not see any tabs at the bottom of the screen.
Is there an option to show the tabs?

Jon L.

Ok, got it now.

I had somehow got into vertical orientation and the section was fully closed.


Jon L.