Feature Request: Integration of GitHub Copilot

Hi all,

last week we had an inhouse demonstration of the skills of GitHub Copilot and we saw that it has great capabilities also in PL/SQL. Unfortunately, we had to use the IDE "Visual Studio Code" to generate PL/SQL samples, but as we decided to use GitHub Copilot in future, we would like to see these great features in TOAD instead of any other IDE.

Are there plans for an integration of GitHub Copilot in the near future? We would very much welcome that :slight_smile:

Best regards from Germany

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Not necessarily with Copilot, but Quest is past the feasibility stage in looking at ways that generative AI can assist users or our products, especially in Toad.

We certainly welcome feedback or ideas that our customers have regarding how gen AI can be used in our product portfolio. If you're interested, we can broker a call with our Product Management team to discuss further.

Hello Gary,

I'm glad to hear that Quest is already working on AI integration and I hope that a solution will be ready in the near future.

I myself was absolutely convinced by a demonstration of GitHub Copilot, but I think that another, similarly good AI and developer can also support the daily programming work.

My English is not good enough to talk to product development, I'm afraid (this text is translated with DeepL). However, I am convinced that Quest does an excellent job even without customer feedback.

However, one feature for the AI is extremely important, and you are welcome to pass this on to the product developers: Interaction with the AI should be possible in different languages (as with Copilot) and not be limited to English. For us it is imperative that we can interact with the AI in German, everything else would be useless.

We are curious to see what solution Quest will present - hopefully soon.

Best regards from Germany

Toad is the best Oracle editor NO QUESTION, but so many use GitHub for source and deploy, for pretty much everything. Grounding GenAI on our source code base would be vital to source code assist on our dev. Bing Copilot struggles with PL/SQL often making mistakes, especially with advanced techniques. Open Oracle examples for AI training are rare compared to other languages and systems, with some of the best narrative is hidden by MOS authentication. Oracle conferences are hyping AI dev, especially for Apex.

When developing your own, please don’t forget users environments. The diehard Toad users like me need to facilitate access to Oracle for (blinkered) “modern” devs and power users, many outside the Toad and Oracle ecosystem. So looking forward to your take, especially if it helps me integrate with the others.