[Feature Request] Variable Re-Ordering

Today I was implementing some new variable logic against some 50+ Toad automations, and the frustrating of having to delete existing variables and then re-add them because a pre-requisite has changed is very high.

For example, if I have a variable that depends on the variable #Date#, and I need to make a change to #Date# in order to use yet another variable, the new variable must come before #Date# is defined - that’s logical.

But in order to do so, I have to delete #Date# and any subsequent variables that depend on #Date# because the only way to re-order variables is to delete and re-add them - and that’s really silly, frustrating, annoying, etc.

So, could the ability to manually re-order the variables be added - or, have Toad auto-magically reorder them based on dependencies?

Hello N.B.,

Thanks for the summary - I agree it is frustrating - I have created QAT-9505 for this feature request to get implemented.