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Filename issues using Export

Currently setting up some automation tasks to export some Database view objects.

I want the export file names to match their DB object names, but Data Point Export Wizard keeps appending the object name with various forms of Date/Time information.

I want to turn this OFF. Do not want it.

I want the export files (CSV, Tab, Excel, etc.) to have the exact same name as their source DB object.

I’ve been through every option/parameter within Data Point to try and suppress or otherwise disable this annoyance and I cannot find this feature documented anywhere.

Anyone have a solution for this?

Update: Issue resolved.

Simple fix. Overlooked the option in the drop down list on the output filename screen.

Looking online I am finding older references to an export option that was titled “Add Date/Time suffix to filename”

This option does does not appear to exist in my version of TDP, at least not where I have looked…

It definitely does not appear on any of the Export wizard options.

Never Mind. It appears a little more exploration of the export file name screen was in order. Found it.