It would be nice to have an option to enable or disable If I want to have Toad to remember the filename from my last export or use the table as a filename

When I run a query in the Editor window using one table, and try to export data using the Export Wizard, the location field keeps the previous location (that's fine) but it takes the filename.xls from the table name in the query.

Some times  this can be helpful, but in my case I work with lots of queries, and I was wondering if this feature can be turn off some how. This doesn't happen when I have several tables into the same query, in this case, Toad will keep the filename from the last export I did.

Based on this, it would be nice to have an option like this one, so the end user can disable if he wants to have Toad to remember the last filename used in the Export Wizard in the location field, Or enable it if the end user want to have the filename with the name of the table used in the query.

Until a recent version 12 update, for the last 10+ years TOAD has always remembered the last export file name.   While inserting a table name from the select is a feature for some users, for the rest of us this is a bug and we should be able to turn this feature off.   Thanks.  Lorne.

my feelings are the same as Lorne's. What a pain.

I agree.  I HATE it that Toad now forces a file name on me.  I always reuse SQL and Excel output file name and do not want to be forced to change it every time I want to export.  This MUST be fixed PLEASE!

Edit Toad.ini (with Toad not running). Add this under [SETTINGS]:

Then it will stop doing that.

By the way, thanks for the feedback (even if it’s that you don’t like something). I’ll make adjustments.

And sorry for the delayed response. Unfortuntely, I am not notified automatically of idea pond messages like I am forum messages.

I’ve added this to 13.2 (defaulted to unchecked). Again, thanks for the feedback. Please don’t hesitate to let us know when our ideas aren’t so great!