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Find/Replace Enhancement Request

Hi, the find and replace feature is a great feature in TDP. The only problem I see is that it cannot be used when the editor window is dragged outside and opened up in a larger screen. For large queries and multiple replaces that we have to do for the database library names, it would be beneficial to be able to use find and replace while the editor window is “undocked” from the main TDP screen. I believe its because find/replace only exists in the Edit Menu of the main screen, but does not exist in the edit menu of the undocked query. Essentially is there a way in a future release to make find and replace available in the edit menu of the undocked query so that we can replace larger queries where we need the larger screen to see it? I think this would be a helpful enhancement.

Thanks again.

Chad King

Chad please see the latest Beta - the editor window now has its own button menu bar to which you can customize and add in the find and replace menu item to enable exactly what you are after.

Peter, thanks so much for the heads up. I checked in Beta and sure enough its there and looking great! I can’t wait for 3.6! :slight_smile: