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When Multiple Editor Windows Are Open they Switch to different Editor Windows Frequently in TDP 4.1


Has anyone else noticed a bug in TDP 4.1, when working with queries in the Editor Window, that if you have multiple Editor windows open, that it seems to switch to other tabs/windows frequently? A good example is say you have the Editor for a query up and are working on a query, then you run the query and allow it to run, while switching editor windows to work on another query. Myself and other co-workers are experiencing the same issue, where you could be typing in the new editor window and out of nowhere it switches you back to the previous editor window that was used. It’s actually pretty bothersome because you can be in the middle of typing SQL and its switching you to an editor where you don’t want to change anything.

I first wanted to see if others noticed it because I have multiple folks using 4.1 experiencing the same thing, plus if so, what I may need to do to get this reported and resolved?

Thanks so much!

No, i have not seen this. Do you mind opening up a support ticket and getting a webex so I can see what you see?

Thanks Debbie, yes I have ticket 3961391 created with Quest. I hope they will set something up soon.



I had asked the support rep to have you download the lastest TDP beta and turn off Syntax checking. There was a bug in 4.1 that might be the case. I didn’t get a response in the support case. Did you get a chance to try this?

Hi there, yes Debbie this workaround was suggested to Chad a week ago, on march 31st. 9:01 Eastern time in an e-mail, if I am not mistaken, the current status of the case is: I am still waiting for a feedback from the test of the Beta Version on his side.

Ps. There is Webex session recorded available just in case.

Debbie and Rod,

I did download the 4.2 Beta for further testing and so far so good. I have not seen the edit screens switch to another edit screen while working. I would like to test a bit longer, just to be sure because the problem is so sporadic, but so far so good. I will keep you informed.



That is good news. That fix will be in our next release.

Hi Debbie,

I did want to inform you that I did some further testing and actually DO still run into the screen switching issue similar to what I’m dealing with in 4.1. Now I am using the 64 bit version for both and just wanted to throw that out there. Again though, a good example is I can bring up a brand new editor screen first, then open an existing saved query into another editor next to it. Then when I switch to back to the new editor and get ready to start typing, I notice it automatically switches screens and goes to the editor opened second.

I’d be happy to show this issue again. Just let me know.

I’m sorry this isn’t the outcome that we were hoping for. I did inform the quest support folks of this as well so they did not close the ticket.

Thanks for your continued help with this.