Firebird support: Urgent


I have seen you have dropped the Firebird support. So now my DM2 projects are at dead end. Why I should buy/upgrade to Toad Data Modeler ???
Could I customize TDM to generate SQL code which is compatible with Firebird ?
Any other solutions or plan for the future releases ?

Thank you in advance and greetings from Italy


Hello Andrea,

We add support for databases to TDM gradually. In last Betas, support for Oracle 11g and support for MS Access 2000/2002/2003 were added. So, we are working on this very hard.

Nevertheless, the truth is that Firebird database seems to be a less preferred database to other database systems (I mean less preferred by our users.). There are two surveys in our community where we ask about db platform that users use and miss. We keep evaluating the results and follow them during consideration of the db coverage plan.
In any case, I can say that Firebird db will not be supported in the nearest future. Nevertheless, I can’t say it will not be supported by TDM later, possibly it will.
Please feel free to visit:

  • Survey for New Visitors or Survey for TDM Users and vote for your database.

Regarding customization in TDM, in the future it will be possible to add support of another db to TDM, however some improvements in TDM must be done first. Thanks for your patience.

If you have any questions or remarks, please write me back. Thanks very much.




Thanks for filling out the survey.

Your request to support Firebird has been entered under CR # 50 329.