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TDM3 support for Informix



Are there plans to support Informix 9.x at some point in TDM3? I see that it was supported in TDM2. Thanks.


Hello John,

Now support for databases MS Access and DB2 UDB v.8 are planned. Concerning support of other database systems, a new db coverage plan has not been determined yet. In any case, your request will be taken into consideration during discussions on this issue. CR # 40 711.
Thanks very much.


Vladka + TDM Team


Any news on this issue? I’d be very interested in Informix support as well (IDS 11.5).

Currently we’re using the TDM v2.25 freeware version because it does support Informix.



Unfortunately, Informix support is not planned in the near future. I’m very sorry.