Support for SAPDB / MaxDB

Hello TDM3-Team,

We’re currently using TDM 2. We have to support all database systems supported by SAP:

  1. Oracle 10g
  2. MS SQL 2005
  3. MaxDB 7.6
  4. IBM DB 2 9.1

With TDM2 I can work on these systems and I’ve written some script for automating tasks.

Now I’ve read the thread

and the related documentation in


What about the support for MaxDB/SapDB database? Or do you support MaxDB as “MySQL 5”?

Thanks in advance for answering.


Hello Christian,

Let me inform you that support for MaxDB database in TDM3 is not planned.
Support for DB2 v. 9.1 is planned and we will deal with it in the future.

Have a nice day.


Hi Vladka,

hmm, bad news - I’m disappointed.

Sales department promised support and I expected that the new 3.X product will provide at least the same features as TDM2. And I need some of the new features of TDM3!

In your opinion, how can we continue working with MaxDB? I learned from an earlier support contact, that no fixes or updates for TDM2 (we currently use are planned.


Hello Christian,

Thanks for your response. I’m sorry I disappointed you.
Anyway, I’m bringing more detailed information for you. :wink:

In TDM3, we’d like to support most databases that are supported in TDM2. We add the support gradually.
Just a brief summary:
Currently supported databases: Oracle 9i and 10g, MS SQL Server 2000 and 2005, PostgreSQL 8.1 and 8.2, MySQL 5, Sybase ASE 12.5 and 15.

At the moment we’re working on support for DB2 UDB 8. Support for MS Access and DB2 UDB v. 9.1 is planned.

Concerning other databases, future direction of db support coverage plan has not been determined yet. So, I enter your request to support MaxDB to our system - CR # 39 124. Your request will be taken in consideration during discussions on this issue.

In any case, I’m bringing good news. - For databases that will not be officially supported by TDM3 you will be able to add support on your own. (This is/was possible in TDM2 too.)

  • I’m writing in future tense as at the moment the TDM3 application is not ready for it yet. More enhancements must be implemented. However, we do work on this very hard.

To sum up: At the moment I’m not able to tell you a straightforward reply: Yes, MaxDB will be supported / No, MaxDB will not be supported in the future. - This will be discussed.
In any case, you will be able to customize TDM3 to support your db in the future. :slight_smile:

Now we need to ask you for patience.

Thanks very much!

Have a nice day.

Vladka + TDM Team