FIXED Index / Table jump button

I believe this used to be there but anyway.

Currently In the Schema Browser there is a Mat. View button on the table tab and a Table button on the Materialized View tab that you can use to jump between the two.

Could we get a similar pair of buttons to jump between a (left side) tables (right side) index tab and the Index itself and vice versa?

Best Regards,

Brian Keegan

SR Oracle DBA

Farmers Insurance Group

If you are in SB-Tables-RHS-Indexes,  click on the index that you are interested in and then Shift+F4.  To go back, you can use the SB's BACK arrow, or click on the table name in the Columns tab, then Shift+F4 again.   Shift +F4 works all over the SB to go from one object to another.