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Is there is any way to export only certain types of indexes say “Function based”
ddl in TOAD v10.



Yes. Open the schema brower (tabbed or dropdown mode, not treeview). Click the
‘image’ column header so it is sorted. select all the indexes of the
desired type. Rt-click -> Create script.

If any of your indexes are of an unusable state, you’ll see an unusable
index icon instead of the regular icon.


you made my day…




Speaking of cool stuff, I noticed something the other day while looking at the
tables SB tab. I wanted to select only those tables in a certain tablespace. I
could see this in the right hand side. When click on tables or click on REFRESH
ALL LISTS the right hand side changes temporarily to an information view. I
clicked on the TABLESPACE column to sort by tablespace name. I then highlighted
a group of tables. I right clicked and did not see a DELETE. I was just in the
process of writing an enhancement request when I tried again and looked more
carefully at the result of the RIGHT CLICK. I noticed the option SELECT IN LHS.
This is way cool. I was then able to delete them on the LHS since the ones I
wanted were selected.

Every time you look at Toad there is new cool stuff.