FK parent ellipses button in table grid, doesn't locate parent record

Toad v16.2 and v16.3 beta

FK ellipses button doesn't locate corresponding parent value record.

Reproduction Steps

  1. View a table's data in the grid (e.g. Schema Browser | Tables | | Data),
  2. Select a cell for a column which has a FK link to a parent table, an ellipses "..." button appears. Imagine this cell has a value of 112
  3. If you click that ellipses button, it shows the parent table, but it just opens the parent data on the first row. I feel it should locate and select the parent row with value 112, which corresponds to the child data, that way you get context about the FK parent record. (Note, obviously this could be a composite key, but it should still locate the corresponding record)
  4. This is for several reasons:
    a) User could click "Ok" on the parent form and inadvertently change the value in the child record.
    b) It gives the user a better experience as they can see the other column values associated with the parent record.

I can reproduce this, at least in the GA release 16.2, and as one user to another, I agree that Toad should be showing the actual parent record relating to the foreign key value. Let's see what Quest Dev says.

As another alternative to looking at context-sensitive relationships, note that you can display the children of a parent in the Schema Browser's LHS Data tab. See snap below. It doesn't match your use case exactly, as you're trying to find the parent record beginning with one of the children, whereas the Show Detail Dataset tool bar button allows you to see all children beginning with one of the parents. Still, hoping you'll find it useful.

@Gary.Jerep Thanks for your reply, yes, Show Detail Dataset is a facility I too often use.