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Master-detail relationship window issue

When using the pop-up window to define the join between a master and detail table, the ‘<’ button to remove one column from the key columns list does NOT remove the highlighted/selected column, it removes the first column from the list. That is not how it worked in previous releases, and seems like a bug to me.

For the record - using Toad

PS: How does one search these forums? Is the search box in the upper right supposed to search the entire site including forums?

[edit] - ah, i see a ‘search forum’ link when viewing a single thread - why is that link nowhere else to be found on the forum pages?
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Message was edited by: troy34

Never got a response to this question - is this getting resolved in 11.0?

I see what you are talking about Troy. I will log this.


fixed for next beta. Sorry about the lack of response the first time around.
Thanks for asking again.

No need for apologies - if it was important I would have logged it with support. I think it is a huge bonus to have a direct channel of communication with you guys as you keep an eye on these forums. I always shake my head when I see demands for immediate help in here.


I always shake my head when I see demands for immediate help in here.

Heh, like the “emergency, I need to understand how to set up
security” ones?

Every time I see one of those I think: too late! :slight_smile:

Roger S.