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[] CRTL-A in a grid selects the editor text

When I press CTRL-A in a grid that displays the result of a query of a SELECT statement in the editor, the complete grid is not selected, but the text in the editor.

This and the other shortcut problem will be fixed in the next beta.

I was about to raise the same issue, but was not the 1st. Cool.

I did have a suggestion to add to this. All day long when querying data for other coworkers. I copy data to either my message app(Microsoft teams) or my email. A suggestion is to create a quick copy button for the data to the clipboard. To make is more useful, a multi select drop down to copy to clipboard for excel or fix field would be cool.

FYI, ctrl-a / ctrl -c never worked for teams. I would copy the data from toad to excel to teams. It was faster than the toad export feature.

I see what you mean about pasting into teams from excel or Toad. From Toad, you just get tab-delimited text, and the tabs don't line up. But from Excel, it makes a nice table. I think I can solve that by copying multiple formats into the clipboard, and then Teams will just take the one it likes. I don't really understand what you mean about a multi-select dropdown though.

Sorry, I did not mean multi select, I meant the way toad has a buttons with multiple choices below. The button action is base on the last use. Like the "Generate Statement" dropped down on the main menu(picture below).

This button can be on the grid tool bar.
Button Name:Clipboard Export:
EXCEL Format
FIXED Format
CSV Format

where all these are just basic exports to clipboard. This is just an idea. Your fix might do well for me, but sometime we just just want a quick and dirty export.

ok, I see.

I am thinking that I can just put the Excel format and the Tab-delimited format (the one that CTRL+C does now) into the clipboard at the same time. Then the program that you paste into will just know which one is better, and take that. Kind of like how if you Copy out of excel, you can paste it into Teams for a nice grid, or into notepad for tab-delimited

But I need to figure out what that Excel format is before I can do anything.

Simply; I use tabs when pasting into excel. But there might be the correct way too.

I would also welcome such a function. :slight_smile: I too regularly copy data (to Outlook in my case) via the clipboard. With Outlook, the HTML seems to work best. At least with my Outlook for Mac OS.

I've been trying to figure out this "Clipboard to teams" thing and been getting nowhere.
Sending tab-delimited text to clipboard doesn't make a nice table
Exporting as a HTML table doesn't either.
I also tried RTF with no luck.
And I can't find any documentation about it on the web.

If anyone has ideas on how to put data into clipboard to achieve this look when pasted into Teams, I'm all ears.

Yay. Replying to my own message.

So, it seems that there is a "link" clipboard format (and several others) that are only active while Excel is still open, and Teams is attaching to Excel that to make the nice grid.

Using this "Inside Clipboard" app, I see this on the clipboard while Excel is running (and it would paste as in my screenshot above)

One of those formats was "XML Spreadsheet", which sounded promising, so I tried that one, but Teams won't accept that format. Only Excel accepts it.

But as soon as I close Excel, I basically only have text formats left in the clipboard:

and now it pastes into Teams the same way Toad does.

So I'm not sure what else I can do with this. :frowning:

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The number of times I've closed Excel after copying something to the clipboard, then failed to paste it into the destination app because the copied data is no longer there ...


Norm. [TeamT]