fonts and cell justification with an excel format report


I’ve made a few attempts, and am unable so far to get the fonts and alignment to appear in an excel report.

Do I need to set a condition in my formatting rule sheet to make the rule take effect? And what would that look like?

Thanks for any ideas!


More thoughts from my .xls layout challenges.

After I have set a font either with text selected or with the rich text box, it reverts back to Times New Roman 9.75 I also get spatterings of Tahoma 8, microsoft san serif. Perhaps I need to start my report with a fresh slate instead of a wizard? I would try this if there is a guide.

I noticed yesterday on another computer when I ran the layout as a xlsx (2007 excel) that I got the error in this photo attached.

I’ll check for more logs to share. If I can get the fonts to work out, toad will soon have a permanent place in my shop.

Thanks for your time,

figured it out. I’m not sure why, but there are lots of different fields for changing the font. changing it in the wrong place does some unexpected stuff to a beginner like me. Done now, and def purchasing your stuff since it can make the nice report as desired.


I am really sorry I didn’t get back to you. It has been a hectic two days.

Looks like you solved your issue. I will be more prompt to reply on your next post.

Welcom aboard!