Force TOAD to declare JOIN statements in the SQL

Hi Debbie,

Maybe you could help me here. For some reason TOAD is now creating SQL queries without the usual JOIN statements in the code, but using normal join conditions in the WHERE clause.

ie: before:

select order_no from debtor d join obligations o (on d.debtorid = o.debtorid) where order_no = 12345

Now it’s doing this …

select order_no from debtor d, obligations o where d.debtorid = o.debtorid and order_no = 12345

It’s putting the join condition in the where clause and leaving the “joins” for the database to manage.

Is there a way I can force TOAD to create the sql with the JOIN statement revealed?


There is a sticky button on the Query Builder tool bar. It is labeled ‘Use ANSI Joins’. Use this toggle to change the behavior. It will remember your last choice. This also gets changed programmatically if you reverse engineer a query and it is using the ANSI join style. Debbie