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Query Builder ANSI Joins Toggle Button Missing?

Good Morning from windy CT. I am using Toad Data Point to query Teradata. Coming from a background in MS Access using their QBE, I had been using the Toad Query Builder to start my queries, add tables, columns, etc. then copy the SQL into the SQL Editor in order to add functions/formulas that won't resolve in the Query Builder.
However, the SQL joins the Query Builder creates for LEFT JOINs is the old style with the (+). I searched the forums here for help & found this old post from 2010 that references a toggle button to toggle between ANSI & non-ANSI SQL, but I cannot find the button anywhere?? Yes, I am writing the joins manually now when I paste from the Builder to the Editor but would like to forego this if possible...?

That ANSI tool bar button, as the old post says, appears only for specific data sources... Oracle, SQL Server, and maybe a few others, although I think it should be applicable for most relational database platforms that we support. I can register this internally as an enhancement suggestion, but you may also want to articulate your use case in more detail on the product idea pond here.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.