Forced Capitalization for Packages / Procedures in Schema Browser and Code Assist

Hi all,

Maybe a trivial (and stupid) topic but it really annoys me … I am using Toad for Oracle 13.1 (and I am using also Code Assist).

Why all the Package names and procedure names are Capitalized in Schema Browser and also in Code Assist?

For example, I create a package called MyPackage and this is displayed in both Schema Browser and Code Assist as MYPACKAGE.

Is there a setting that I can change to disable this?


Object names are displayed in the character case used in the data dictionary. Uppercase is the default unless you’ve created your objects with double quoted names to force mixed case or special chars.

On the Editor|Behavior page in Options there is a “Use lower case…” option. When enabled, objects chosen from Code Insight will be inserted into the Editor using lowercase, but they are still shown in the popup as stored in the data dictionary.