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Foreign Key naming

I am a new user of TDM, so forgive me if this is a stupid question. I would like to be able to name a foreign key something specific, like FK_ADDRESS_CUST_ID, but I would like the “caption” of the relationship to show up on the model as “has a”. In the rare case it will let me, I have tried making the Caption = “has a” and the Name = FK_ADDRESS_CUST_ID (usually it won’t let me make the caption and name different), but it still shows up on the model saying FK_ADDRESS_CUST_ID.

How do I have the caption be the “phrase” and the name be the actual FK object name?


to have a relationship Caption different from Name you must edit Name field in any way first, which will change the Synchronize button between the Caption and Name fields from “=” to “>”.
Then you can change the Caption and Save.


Thank, Lukas!

I found that I also need to change the Display Mode to “Captions” if I want to show the captions on the model versus the Names. View | Display Mode | Captions.

Hi Amy,

you're welcome. Never hesitate to ask here any questions!
Anyway, you can also change the Display Mode on toolbar.